All About Jen

"There's a fine line between genius and crazy.  I like to use that line as a jump rope." ~ Anonymous

I am...
Wife, mama, step-mama, best friend, ex-teacher, ex-wife, occasional enemy, and daughter.

I suffer from...
opinions, sarcasm, exhaustion, procrastination, pessimism, laziness, singing off key, lack of trust, over-analyzing, lack of patience with stupidity, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, having to always be right, jumping to conclusions, terrible caffeine addiciton (where's my Dr. Pepper?!?!), smart-mouth, telling it like it is, and generally being "too much"

I love...
my family, my friends, living in Jersey (yes, I said it!), bubble baths, stalking on facebook, photography, music, a kiss from my husband, making people laugh, hugs from my kids, a good quote, DVR, Jeopardy, cheesesteaks, cheesecake, a good porch swing, a warm fire, slow dancing, and a good margarita.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Michele Dèniz. I am a US Air Force Veteran and Singer-Songwriter. I’ve just released my debut music video "Lion Heart;" a tribute to US military servicemen & women and their families and all our nation’s Veterans. The video features stirring footage from every branch of the military.

    "Tremendous video and a beautiful song…" Ron Cournoyer, AF Colonel, Retired”

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    My story is one of overcoming adversity and facing your fears and "Lion Heart" is a testament to all that I’ve been through. "Lion Heart" was produced by industry stalwart Lynn Verlayne (Parson James, Athena Ripka), and features legendary guitarist Thad Debrock (David Byrne, Jonas Brothers), & drummer Brian Delaney (Melissa Etheridge).

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    Michele Dèniz

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    “The song features a powerful & heart-wrenching vocal performance from Michele, as well as captivating footage of military life.” - Military Bridge

    “You are never too old to live your dreams; be brave and fight for your freedom. Michele is living a Life In Purple. What you say is what you become.” - Lip Talk Nation

    “Through her song, Michele’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness for her brothers and sisters in arms and for the veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedoms.” - Military Connection

    What the Fans are Saying:

    “A Lion’s Heart is heard around the world.” - Vietnam Vet via Twitter

    "Tremendous video and a beautiful song..."
    Ron Cournoyer, AF Colonel, Retired

    "This song is so beautiful, written and sung by a woman in the US Air Force. Such a beautiful song you created, such a beautiful soul you are and thank you for your service to our country.” - Twitter Follower

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