Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Big mistake, huge!

Yep.  I gave up sodas.  All sodas.  What was I thinking?

I decided about a week ago that working out would do me no good if I was still obsessed with Dr. Pepper.  And if you know me, you know it's an obsession.  I dream of DP.  I can almost taste it now.

Any ole who, I said my goodbyes, bid farewell to my friend, and began the journey to free myself of the evil caffeine and sugar addiction.  Now, don't get all sentimental.  It wasn't a New Year's resolution.  It was a "Damn, this stuff if going to kill me" realization.  Mostly, because one is never enough.  It was gallons a day.  I'm almost embarrassed to type that.

Some have joked with me that they can't believe the last drink I had was Coke and not DP.  Surely, my love would have made me say a fond farewell to the great DP.  Well, I wasn't thinking.  It was the last one in the fridge, and well, this page isn't called Super Jen and Her Fabulous Powers of Sanity.  Honestly, I wasn't thinking.  But a few days in, and I realize that it wouldn't have mattered.  I want one. Or two. Or seven.  And there, my friends, is the problem that got us to this point.  So, I haven't cheated.  Not. A. Sip.

But don't make me out to be a superhero either.  I literally could not walking down the soft drink aisle at Walmart.  Hubs thought it was hilarious. I shouted...a little too loudly..."Would you take an alcoholic to a bar?  Well, I'm not strong enough for the DP aisle!"  Pretty sure, my kids were looking to lock me up in the crazy house after that.

For now, I am praying to the green tea gods to calm my craving.  And making nice with sips of Ginger Ale for the bubbles.  Baby steps, I guess, since that's still caffeine and sugar.  But it's minimal in comparison.  And the first steps are always the hardest.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck, you are much braver then I. Someday maybe I will follow your lead. :) Great post, very fun read!

    1. Oh, girl, if only it had lasted. I'm insane that I keep going back to that stuff. But I see it as the defense mechanism between me and the stupid in the world. Thanks for the comment. It'd be great if I remembered to write more often.

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