Monday, May 21, 2012

1 down, 49+ to go

I never thought I'd get married.  Not again.  No way.  And then this guy came along.

No one makes me laugh as hard.  No one gets me as much.  No one lets me be me without having to apologize.  He lets me rant.  He lets me talk in circles (and follows along).  He thinks I'm enough, not too much, just perfect.  So, for this man, what do you get for an anniversary gift?  We are weird about gifts.  We like to make them or, if buying, it has to mean something.

We all know that there is the traditional wedding anniversary list, right?  1. Paper  2. Cotton. 3. Leather. 10. Tin. 25. Silver. 50. Gold.  Sure, but no one has ever accused me of being traditional.  So, I started researching the Modern List.  1. Plastic/Clock, 2. Cotton/China, 3. Crystal/Glass.  Pick one already.  Because if I'm anything, it's indecisive.  I need things narrowed down, not wide-open.  Close the floodgates already! (by the way, Hubs, if you are reading this, do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy me a clock or plastic tuperware!  Otherwise, you'll end up in the bunks with Bear).

But then I discovered those whole other level of crazy:  The Travel Anniversary List.  Have you heard of this?  1. Airline tickets, 2. Beach Towels, 3. Luggage, 4.Lingerie/Hawaii, 5. Cruise, 6. Hershey, PA/Disney, 7. Santa Fe/Canada, 8. Casino, 9. Mexico, 10. South America 11. New York City, 12. Japan, 13. France, 14. Africa, 15. Switzerland, 16. North Carolina.....wait, what? First of all, who are the people using this list?  Maybe they aren't raising small kids on one salary, a small military salary.  And second, what the hell is with number 16?  North Carolina comes after all of those exotic countries?  Like, congratulations on sixteen wonderful years of marriage!  You get an exciting trip to....NORTH CAROLINA!!!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some North Carolina, but after trips to Europe and Asia, what is going on?  My favorite was the 75th anniversary, a cruise.  We'd be between 105-110 years old.  Perfect for another cruise!  Honestly, I think I've seen these people on the cruise advertisements, come to think of it.  Couldn't you see us?  The big wraparound dark glasses, yelling at each other because he can't hear me.  Oh and the swimsuits!  Yikes!  Mental picture over!!!

So, in line at the grocery store checkout, we decided there should be a 2012 version of the list.  A combo list. Some old, some new, some travel, some tech.  That's right.  The list should totally include at least 4-5 apple gadgets.

1. Paper-so many ideas, gift certificates, tickets, or a card, if you want to sleep on the couch.
2. iPod-with his/her favorite songs, of course
3. Beach towels-the beach, an island, the California coast, a Maine B&B
4. DSLR-to capture your children's faces or all the places you'll go together
5. Jewelry-sorry, it's about time, but a nice necklace or earrings would be fantastic
6. Take a class together-cooking, pottery, dancing
7. Big city-Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston
8. Bronze/copper
9. MacBook-I so wish this was my year, ha!
10. Hawaii-get remarried, take the kids

15. Europe-time to do it right, no kids, nicer hotels, longer trip, lots of wine

20. Jewelry-time to break out the big bucks Visa

25. Cross-country-take a drive, rent an RV, see it all!

50. Big party!

Now, I'm not big on receiving gifts.  But I love to give them.  I like to find something that is special, means something to those who are getting it, whether it is $5 or $5000.  I have no idea what this weekend will hold.  But I do know that no present could ever top what he gives me every single day: his love, his time, his full attention.  Supposedly, there will be dinner.  Possibly, a movie.  Definitely enough kissing to gross out the kids.  And if it all came down to a Redbox and Chinese takeout (which is how it all started on our first real date) that would be perfect, too.


  1. Jen!
    Great blog - I love your style. Good stuff, funny - and obviously brilliant. So glad you invited me. I will link your blog through mine. xo DG

  2. :) Love the new up-to-date 2012 list!!! Oh the choices and possibilities for the 1st year anniversary gift! I will be asking myself this same question in Sept for our 1st anniversary also.... Something from the heart is always a must.... Maybe something he can use on a daily basis? Depending on his job in the Corps, something for work? Oy! It's always a tough one making or buying something for men.... There's a website I like to use for pics. they have some great ideas on there too! I'm a picture fanatic and always do some sort of gift with a pic.... Pinterest might have some great ideas too! :)

  3. I am a picture fanatic, too. I've used Mpix several times. I started a 365 blog (mostly to challenge myself to take pics everyday), but it's not all "good" pics; some are goofy instagram types, too. ( You should so do it now that you are a SAHM. I've got a few ideas for his gift. Can't tell, he reads the blog. Thanks girls for sharing the love today!!

  4. 10. Hawaii, get remarried-take the kids. Sounds wonderful but tread lightly this is what Jon and Kate plus 8 did the season before they became Kate plus 8. LOL!